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4 Things To Look For In A Professional Property Surveyor


Have you ever tried marking your own property lines? If you own several acres, you know this can be extremely taxing and confusing by yourself.

Make your life easier by having a property surveyor do all the work for you. But do you know what makes a good property surveyor?

Look for these qualities and conditions in a professional property surveyor before hiring them to do work.

1. Proper Credentials

Don’t get tricked by someone trying to pass as a professional property surveyor. You’ll want to see they are a licensed surveyor.

Property surveyors should have an education, pass an exam, and understand property law. Additionally, they’ll need to be licensed to work in your state.

Their proper credentials could help you down the road in a legal dispute. For example, a homeowner is brought to court by a neighbor or adjacent business disputing a property line. You can call the property surveyor an expert witness in your defense.

2. Years of Experience as a Property Surveyor

There are probably several competent new land surveyors for hire. But you want to ensure any problems or issues will get resolved.

Ask a potential property surveyor how many years of experience they have in the business. Do they also know the terrain of the local region?

Go a step further and ask if they have experience with a property of your size and terrain. If a surveyor only has experience doing small flat lots, then they may not be able to navigate your area properly.

3. Full Service

What are you getting as a customer when you hire a property surveyor? Figure out if the surveyor is a full-service business.

You want their final product to be approved and recorded by the county. This will provide you with legal backing if a case goes to court.

Make sure you get a map for your own records, too. You should know exactly what the county has in its possession.

As mentioned earlier, you want the surveyor to testify on your behalf as a legal expert in a border dispute. Be wary of professionals who can’t offer this service.

4. Accurate Results

You always hope it’s a given that the surveyor will hand you an accurate map of your property.

Once measuring is completed, a surveyor should check their results against a software program designed to make sure everything is accurate. The guidelines the surveyor uses should match those set by the National Society for Professional Surveyors.

Avoid anyone who isn’t using the same measuring analysis program.

Get Your Property Organized

Knowing the dimensions of your property and boundaries will help you avoid problems. If you decide to build later, you’ll know exactly where your land ownership ends.

A property surveyor will do all the work for you. Don’t be someone who makes a wrong measurement and causes problems later.

If you’re ready to have someone survey your land, then contact us today.

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