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5 Reasons to Get a Property Survey


You’re about to purchase the property of your dreams, and you’re already envisioning the improvements you can make to it.

Don’t get too excited.

You should get a property survey first.

A survey will show you what space you have to work with. It will also contain information on zoning, boundaries, easements, and buildable area. This information will help you plan improvements to your property, which will save you time and money.

An experienced surveyor will tell you how practical your plans are. With a proper survey, you will be able to tell how practical your plans are. An experienced surveyor will also have the local knowledge you’ll need to decide, such as news of developments, the most desirable areas of town, and more.

Failure to get a property survey can leave you with a financial nightmare that will haunt you for years to come. Here are five reasons to get one before purchasing the property.

1. Know Your Boundary Lines

Do you know where the property begins and ends?

If you have dreams of building an addition or fence, these are the reasons you would conduct a property survey. It’s critical to locate other lines of occupancy or lines of possession to prevent building on someone else’s property and facing legal action.

2. Confirm Your Zoning Classification

Zoning classifications exist to restrict property owners on how they use their property.

Besides the certified property survey, consider consulting an attorney if you plan to use your property for business purposes. You will want to ensure that you are obeying any zoning ordinances.

3. Identify Any Easements

Sometimes, one party has rights to the use of another party’s property for reasons that exist without physical evidence.

For example, you may have an obligation to allow a neighbor to use your driveway to access their home. In addition, you must maintain the driveway so it is accessible to both parties.

These rights are called easements, and a survey with a title search will usually unveil these easements on the survey map.

4. Look for Overlaps and Gaps

When your survey is certified, it will include a statement that, unless noted otherwise, your property does not overlap with another.

It will also say whether there are gaps between your property line and neighbors.

5. Identify Underground Utilities

While above ground structures like telephone poles are visible, underground cables drains, and catch basins aren’t.

You will need to know if there are underground utilities to your property. Also, utility companies may access your property for proper upkeep.

If you’re planning to build or add on to any existing structures, it is critical to know the exact location of any underground utilities before excavation begins.

Protect Yourself with a Property Survey

While you don’t know what you’re looking for, home surveyors do!

Don’t trust this job to yourself or friends. Hire a professional with insurance that is trained in building investigations.

A property survey is worth the money, and we provide quality surveys for any project. Contact us to schedule a survey today.

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