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Everything You Should Know About Environmental Consulting


Environmental concerns are at the front of people’s minds more than ever. Global warming has made companies and individuals aware of the accountability they have to our home planet.

Because of that, businesses need environmental consulting more than ever. Consulting is necessary for companies and individuals who are building new development. An environmental consultant calculates the environmental footprint of companies. Then, they assist in adjusting their practices to reduce that impact when needed.

To learn what environmental consultants do, why they’re important, and who environmental consulting is for, keep reading!

What is Environmental Consulting?

Environmental consultants help others to assess land for pollution or contamination. These things could affect the quality of build and the environment. Also, they assist to create new policies that reduce future pollution and contamination.

Hire an environmental consultant before purchasing land for development. This helps potential buyers determine how to continue construction while working within regulations.

Environmental land surveying includes taking samples out in the field and performing tests. Then, the results of those tests get translated into easy to understand reports. Clients can then implement the report in their plan.

Consultants help to translate environmental regulations for clients. This makes it easy for clients to understand the laws better. When necessary, consultants take part in public hearings about new developments. They are able to answer any questions about the impact of the project.


Environmental consultants play a critical role in land development. Therefore, they do require at least a four-year degree. They often major in biology, environmental science, or some other similar degree. What they major in depends on what form of environmental consulting they want to work in.

Many consultants begin with internships at consulting firms. Then, they are more qualified to take on a consulting job. Environmental consulting is a very specialized trade. So, there is a lot of training that goes into it.

Not all of the training involved revolves around sciences, though that is the primary one. Environmental consultants often train in communications as well. Consultants need to communicate their findings in a way that clients can understand and use easily.

Who is Environmental Consulting For?

Just about every company that is building a new structure will need an environmental consultant. Especially with environmental regulations getting stricter every year.

Companies wishing to improve their environmental impact can hire environmental consultants. Consultants help them to create new procedures and rules.

Consultants are also knowledgeable in health and safety guidelines for workers. Some industries can be unsafe for workers. Consultants ensure that workers have safe environments.

Here are a few examples of who would benefit from environmental consulting:

  • Companies wishing to become more environmentally friendly
  • Builders who need to consider the suitability of land for construction
  • Companies assessing their environmental impact
  • Businesses that need to determine a contamination source

Of course, plenty of other people can benefit from environmental consulting as well.

Environmental Consulting for Individuals

We’ve outlined the benefits of consulting for businesses. But individuals can also use environmental consulting to their benefit. People looking to buy property should hire a consultant before purchasing. This ensures that your building plans are feasible.

Also, a consultant makes you aware of different zoning laws in your area. They will make sure the property is zoned correctly for whatever plans you have in mind.

During the survey, a consultant will make you aware of property lines. There may be overlapping property lines. Or, there could be a gap between your property and the neighbor’s property. Both of which are important to know before purchasing.

Using a land surveyor, or environmental consultant, saves you the headache of dealing with costly surprises later.

Hiring an Environmental Consultant

If you’ve never hired an environmental consultant before, then familiarize yourself with the process first. Hiring an experienced consultant is easy if you know what to look for and where to find one.

When you seek out a consulting firm, the first thing you should look for is their licensing and liability. Environmental consulting requires licensing for whatever state you’re in. So first, familiarize yourself with the requirements of environmental consulting in your state.

Also, you need to make sure the consulting firm is properly insured. For this, ask about their liability insurance. Any legitimate firm has liability insurance. So, if anything negative happens you’re protected.

Before you sign any contracts with the consulting firm, get a cost estimate. The price of land survey and consulting is worth it, but you want to make sure you can work your budget around it. If not, you can make adjustments before signing a contract.

Along with the cost of surveying, make sure to get a time expectation for how long the surveying should take. Estimates aren’t always perfectly accurate, but, an experienced firm should give you as close of a time and cost estimate as possible.

Finally, are they highly recommended? Just like choosing a new hair salon, a good word goes a long way. If a place has multiple good reviews and can supply references, then that’s a good step in the right direction.

Find a Consultant Today

Now you should know what an environmental consultant does, why it’s important, and who needs one. There’s no end to the benefits of land surveying and environmental consulting.

Environmental consultant have specialized training and knowledge. Business owners, corporations, government agencies, and individuals use that to their advantage.

AAA Group is experienced, insured, accurate, and affordable. We value good customer service. We use the latest techniques to ensure the highest level of quality.

Visit our blog if you’re still curious about what environmental consulting is all about.

Contact us if you’ve determined you need a consultant. We promise to respond promptly and give you the most competitive pricing.

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