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Is My Water Safe: Find Out With Groundwater Monitoring


One thing sci-fi movies got right is the potential for worldwide problems if our drinking supply is contaminated. While the grand scale of these fictional stories isn’t quite the same as regular residential groundwater problems, contamination can still spread quickly.

Are you asking yourself, “Is my water safe?” Then you’ve come to the right place! This article has everything you need to know about what groundwater is, why groundwater monitoring is essential, and how to check the water. Take a look:

What Is Groundwater Monitoring?

Groundwater is different than the water table, deep underground. Instead, it’s the water found in the ground, soaked into sand and rocks and soil when it rains. Groundwater monitoring is the repeated testing of the groundwater to make sure that it’s safe to use and to control contamination if it occurs.

Groundwater is a renewable resource. Because the water soaks into the earth like a sponge, most of the time groundwater doesn’t soak down into the water table. Harvesting groundwater happens through wells, built by communities to use the available resource.

Almost 40{05f096f7a764a889c4f22727eea29e0ed70d5b6ddb70c0ead681a8177ee85f2b} of the water in municipalities in the US comes from groundwater. It’s also used for agricultural and industrial purposes.

Yet worrying about how to test if the water is safe to drink at your home is important, too. If you have well water instead of city water, it’s your responsibility as the homeowner to monitor the water and make sure it stays free of contamination.

Any toxins in your well can seep into other parts of the ground and contaminate other groundwater. It’s important to contain the problem right away.

Asking the Question, “Is My Water Safe?”

Some well water is orange, indicating it’s high in iron. Some well water smells like eggs, indicating the presence of sulfur. Perhaps you have very normal looking water.

Unfortunately, taste and smell don’t always indicate a problem with your water. If you’re wondering how to test if water is clean, it’s best to hire a professional. Only their tests can help you determine if your water is safe to drink.

Just as you hire a land surveyor when there are questions about your property lines, you hire an environmental consulting team when there are questions about your water. If you’ve been asking the question, “How do I know if my tap water is safe?” then it’s time to ask for help with groundwater monitoring.

Depending on your location and potential for pollution, you may be able to go longer between water tests. Check with your consultant to see how often they recommend testing.

Testing for Contaminants

When your environmental consultant comes to do the water checking, they’ll take a sample of the water from your well. Many professionals test for toxins and pollutants, as well as composition. They want to know what minerals and other particles are present.

A professional groundwater survey team can also help you make a plan for cleanup if they find a problem. They’ll help conduct the remediation, making your water safe to drink again.

Clean and Pure

When you no longer have to ask the question, “Is my water safe?” you can sleep better at night. Monitoring the groundwater at your home is an important part of taking care of your family and others around you using the same groundwater.

It’s vital to understand what groundwater is, as well as who to hire for help testing and controlling potential contaminants. Call AAA Group for assistance with all your environmental needs, or request a quote today

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