What makes a good Surveyor?

My response to this question may possibly upset a few people, so right up front I want to point out this is my opinion only, and is presented to encourage further thought and discussion.

In trying to keep the answer simple; a Surveyor should consider themselves as both:

Surveying is very much a service profession. These characteristics are in addition to the technical aspects of the role:

As a “Six Star Waiter” a Surveyor needs to be able to:

The CO of a naval ship; a good Surveyor shares characteristics such as:

I look forward to hearing what others think of this!

- Oliver Glockner

The above post is a revision of an article published in GEMS Uncut newsletter April 2010.

For helpful reference links regarding this, please see http://www.handebook.com.au/publications/Characteristics%20of%20a%20Good%20Mine%20Surveyor.pdf