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Construction documentation is a comprehensive record – via specialized photogrammetry - of the internal structure of a building. These can be done during construction, and have proven very useful to MEP professionals, in the event of maintenance, repairs and renovations.



Just like hitting “save as” on a document, 3D laser scanners record the current state of a building, site, or project, both inside and out, capturing every nuance and spatial relationship. This accounts for misalignments and uncertainties, allowing you to focus on ensuring your project moves and succeeds smoothly.

AS built plans services in NYC


As-built plans are drawings that showcase the present dimensions of a structure. Our plans offer a detailed map of the floor-plan, and are capable of showing vital information about the structure.



We expertly produce 3D Models of interiors & exteriors via BIM technology. These very detailed scans allow AEC professionals to collaborate on the planning, design, and construction of structures, while minimizing errors and miscalculations.



Pre-construction surveys are very helpful – and often required by municipality regulations to properly document pre-construction land and structures in the event that damage occurs during or post-construction. This crucial documentation provides a clear record of the facts on the ground before the issues arose.​

3D laser scanning for real estate


3D virtual tours create a precise 3D model of any room or an entire building, using state-of-the-art technology. These models are extremely beneficial in real estate marketing and sales, as the buyers can view the structure from the comfort of their home or office.

The Benefits of Construction Documentation

Documentation plays a critical part of any new construction project. Stakeholders, general contractors and owners rely on documentation at key milestones to ensure work aligns with plans and designs.

Verification based on good documentation reducing the risk of errors and the need for costly rework. For example, it’s easier to fix electrical and plumbing issues before putting up drywall.

Documentation also is a tremendous benefit with maintenance once the building is done. You can later review documentation to find critical maintenance information and make measurements, dimensions and notes on the 3D Space with high accuracy, saving valuable time and money for the building owner and operator. All that can be remotely viewed as if one were actually walking on the job site without you ever having to step foot there. AAA Group guarantees to deliver excellent service, on time and on budget!



Many construction projects lack up-to-date records or as built plans. This information is critical for construction planning because it assists engineers and contractors with expediting design planning using real-world data as a foundation.

With laser scanning, processes that once took many days can be reduced to a matter of hours, providing far more accurate data and better information for your project. 3D laser scanners capture highly accurate 3D digital representations of project sites in the form of a point cloud.

AAA Group is a leader in 3D laser scanning services, helping clients successfully complete very complex construction projects with accurate 3D Laser scanning. Our team of engineers, and CAD technicians deliver the highest quality point cloud data, (and can also provide 2D CAD drawings and 3D BIM models using state-of-the-art equipment and technology) AAA Group guarantees to deliver excellent service, on time and on budget!

The Benefits of As-built plans

Scan-to-plan, The existing conditions of a building, site or project can be accurately and completely documented prior to the start of any construction or engineering project. AAA Group can provide the link between unknown and complete existing condition documentation.

As-built plans can also be referred to as-built measurements and existing conditions surveys. They have never been easier or more accurate with 3D laser scanning technology. AAA Group’s experienced surveyors collect millions of precise data points of a building or site with industry leading laser scanners. Our team of in-house engineers, and CAD drafters work to create custom deliverables for each client with their needs that helps with designing and planning for any project. AAA Group guarantees to deliver excellent service, on time and on budget!

The Benefits of BIM Modeling

Scan-to-BIM services offer significant advantages in assessing and defining existing conditions through 3D laser scanning. This approach has saved our clients substantial amounts in terms of productivity and materials by using 3D BIM models for design, space definition, visualization, prefabrication, and clash detection.

BIM modeling empowers engineers, contractors, and architects to collaborate on projects remotely, regardless of their global location. It consolidates extensive project details into a single platform, simplifying the design process, enhancing coordination, and streamlining maintenance across the entire built environment.

Laser scanning is the leading technology for Building Information Modeling (BIM) due to its accuracy, efficiency, and level of detail. Experienced surveyors collect millions of precise data points for a building or site with industry-leading survey equipment. AAA Group in-house engineers, and CAD drafters have conquered the technology for converting 3D laser scanner point clouds into Building Information Modeling (BIM) to support the planning and LOD construction needs of any project.

Having accurate data helps plan for projects without the expense and worry of the unknown interference. AAA Group guarantees to deliver excellent service, on time and on budget!

The Benefits of Pre-Construction Surveys

Pre-construction surveys are essential visual inspections of structures near a construction site, documenting conditions before construction starts.

For developers and contractors, these surveys are crucial for defending against unwarranted damage claims.

Property owners benefit from pre-construction surveys as they provide a baseline record of conditions to support damage claims if needed.

Are Pre-Construction Surveys Required?

New York City Building Codes (Sections 1814.1 and 3309.4.3) specify the need for pre-construction surveys. Historical buildings have specific requirements outlined in TPPN 10/88.

In general, pre-construction surveys are required for construction that involves any of the following activities:

What Do Pre-Construction Surveys Include?

Pre-construction surveys meticulously identify pre-existing defects or damage signs on both interior and exterior surfaces. These findings are documented through high-resolution photographs and detailed written or recorded observations. Supplementary tools like video documentation and aerial drone photography can be included as needed. All data, including images and observations, are organized and delivered to the client in digital format.

The Benefits of Real Estate 360

Engage your customers like never before.

People are shown to be 300% more engaged with a 3D virtual tour than they are with 2D pictures. Virtual tours can help you create better experiences, happier customers, and more revenue.

“It's a truly unique experience. It gives them an opportunity to look at the house from every angle and do it from the comfort of their own computer. It’s a 24/7 open house”

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